Advanced Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease for Roller Bearing

Advanced Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease for Roller Bearing

                                                                  CZPT Specifications of
                                 XG/Cfive Superior Grease for Roller CZPT

Solution Description:

This grease is a new generation of calcium grease that is manufactured from extremely refined mineral oils with Calcium Sulfonate complex thickener, EP/AW additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors. It with good h2o resistance, mechanical security generating it suitable for the bearings below a severe environment with drinking water, large loading, higher temperature, large-pace, and so on, this kind of as the roller bearing in steel mill.

Positive aspects

  1. Excellent mechanical security, EP/AW homes, colloidal stability, and antioxidant ability
  2. Superior adhesion, resistance to water clean-off
  3. Substantial temperature resistance, large load and shock load abilities
  4. Vast functioning temperature assortment, long operational lifestyle at large temperature



CZPTmmended a) for use in bearings of chilly and hot rolling mill, continuous rolling mill in metallurgy business
b) for use in bearings in a severe environment with substantial temperature, h2o, large loading, shock loading, etc in mining, machinery, automotive and other industrial programs.

Typical Attributes:

Item Normal benefits Test Approach
NLGI Grade 1# 2# 3# ---
Worked cone penetration, 0.1mm 310~340 265~295 220~250 GB/T 269
Dropping Point, ºC Min 320 325 330 GB/T 3498
Corrosion, (T2 sheet copper, 100ºC, 24h) No green or black modify GB/T7326 (B)
Oil separation by metal mesh, 100ºC, 24h % Decline one. .eight .7 SH/T 0324
Evaporation, (99ºC, 24h) %  ≤ .eight .six .five GB/T 7325
Drinking water Washout @38ºC,1h, % loss ≤ one. .8 .five SH/T 5719
Roll security ,(28ºC,2h) % Modify
No adding h2o
                          Adding water




SH/T 0122
4-ball take a look at,
PB   N
PD   N
GB/T 3142

Observe: Values shown listed here are typical and could range.

Operating Temperature Range:  -20ºC ~+230ºC, can reach 250ºC for short time.



18kg plastic and 180kg metal containers, adjustable according to customers' requirements.


Why Select us?

one. Background 
one) Established in yr 1993 joint enterprise amongst China mainland and Hong Kong 

2) Series of product like, R&D, generation, examination, consulting, transfer provider of technologies for items ranging from lubricating grease, lubricating oil, refined white oil and so on. 

3) Principal items include (1) Xin-gang brand Substantial-quality Polyurea Grease (2) Lithium Grease (3) Knitting Equipment oil, Warmth-location Machine Oil, Substantial Temperature Chain Oil, CZPT Gear Oil, Anti-rust Oil, CZPT Oil ect, developed under acceptance of Japanese Nippon Oil and Grease CZPT Co., Ltd. 

four) Sophisticated manufacturing equipment, sophisticated test machine, contemporary regular workshop, special railway line two lines each and every for both grease and oil production yearly production capacity of (one) 10,000.00 tonnes of polyurea grease, (two) eight,000.00 tonnes of lithium grease and (3) 15,000.00 tonnes of lubricating oil. 

two. Fully certified 
one) CZPT:2008, regulation 
two) ISO14001:2004, Environment 
3) OHSAS 18001: 2007, occupational health 
4) ISO10012:2003, measurement Management and 
five) AA grade certificate of excellent behavior and many others.

three. Wonderful achievements 
1) Popular brand name of ZHangCZPTg province 
two) Hi-tech item of ZHangCZPTg province 
3) China high good quality goods suggested to the EU market 
four) Important industrial business of Jande town, HangCZPT city 
five) Top quality and services trustworthy unit of ZHangCZPTg provincial market 
six) Superior technological innovation enterprise with foreign investment 
seven) Great religion services excellent enterprise 
eight) In calendar year 2008, acknowledged as China National Crucial Hi-tech Enterprise 
9) In calendar year 2009, acknowledged as ZHangCZPTg provincial hi-tech R&D center 
ten) In year 2009, acknowledged as ZHangCZPTg provincial environmentally friendly enterprise 
11) In year 2571, Xin-gang model is regarded as ZHangCZPTg provincial well-known brand 
twelve) In calendar year 2011, regarded as HangCZPT Progressive Pilot Enterprise 
thirteen) In year 2011, "Lepon" brand regarded as HangCZPT metropolis well-known brand 

four. Application 

one) Xihu (West Lake) Dis.g goods are widely used in numerous industries which includes, metallurgy, cement, assembling, electronic instruments, sea ports, cars, devices, textile, printing and dyeing, sugar generating, chemical, electrical power technology etc. 

two) "Xin-gang" brand name Polyurea grease, holding the greatest market share of Chinese polyurea grease market place, is extensively employed and warmly welcomed in many big dimensions steel performs, like HangCZPT Metal, ZheJiang Metal Group, ZheJiang Metal Group, Magang Metal, Taigang Metal, Pangang Metal, Liugang Metal, Shaogang Metal, Shagang Steel, Baogang Metal, Shuigang Metal, Kungang Steel and so on,. 

three) Xin-gang grease has been acknowledged as "Exceptional Provider Models", constantly several years, among more than 2000 of Wu-han Steel suppliers.

Advanced Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease for Roller Bearing