Easy to Clean Wire Mesh Belt

Easy to Clean Wire Mesh Belt

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangCZPTg Wire Mesh Products Co., LTD manufacture Flat-Flex conveyor belt:

Progression The unique characteristics of Flat-Flex conveyor belts supply many benefits that increase productivity, aid include costs and improve your general solution top quality, like:

Characteristic :

  1. The premier proportion of open-mesh spot CZPT- up to 86%
  2. Effortless to cleanse, clean-in-place design
  3. No-slip, good generate
  4. Extremely low belt mass
  5. Smallest diameter end rolls and generate rolls
  6. Constructive driven for accurate tracking
  7. USDA Approved

Content: the regular is 304 stainless steel. Other components CZPT contain: 302 stainless steel , 310s stainless metal , 316 stainless metal, different carbon steel, and substantial temperature performance resources.

Flat-Flex is an CZPT option for most Flat-Flex belts. This technology eliminates the probability of the belt edge catching and tangling.

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Easy to Clean Wire Mesh Belt