Puyi Anti-Vibration Rubber Tracks for Excavators

Puyi Anti-Vibration Rubber Tracks  for Excavators

CZPT Anti-Vibration Rubber Tracks (300X52.5Wx84) for Excavators

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Rubber Track Product:


Anti-vibration Rubber Observe

The gap between iron cores is really modest so that  can help the observe roller fully during driving,lowers the shock amongst device and rubber track,boost the comfortable for the operators,and increase the daily life of rubber monitor and equipment.


Rubber crawler rubber track for excavator and trucks 

one) Created from a number of unique and all-natural rubber 
two) Lower noise & vibratio
3) Substantial Quality 
four) Aggressive Price 

1. Variety of rubber tracks:

one). Continuous rubber monitor
two). Standard variety or interchangeable kind rubber observe
three). Guarantee: assure one yr under typical use
four). Application: mini-excavator, bulldozer, dumper, crawler loader, crawler crane, crawler provider automobile, agriculture machinery, paver and other particular device

2. The attribute of rubber tracks:

 (one). Significantly less round hurt
Rubber tracks result in much less hurt to streets than steel tracks, and much less rutting of soft ground than both metal tracks of wheel goods.

(2). Lower noise
A advantage to gear operating in congested regions, rubber track merchandise less sounds than metal tracks.

(three). Substantial speed
 Rubber monitor allow devices to vacation at a higher speed than metal tracks.

(4). Less vibration
 Rubber tracks insulate equipment and operator from vibration, extending the machine's lifetime and decreasing run tiredness.

(five). Low ground pressure
The floor pressure of rubber tracks geared up equipment can be reasonably low, about .14-two.thirty kg/ cmm , a significant reason for its use on the wet and gentle terrain .

(six). Superior traction
The extra traction of rubber, keep track of cars permits them to pull 2 times the load of wheel automobiles of the sane bodyweight.


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ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CO.,Ltd
 mainly produce Rubber Tracks in China. With Rubber Factory in ZheJiang  we are strong in offering various of Rubber Tracks for: Crawler, Bulldozer, Excvavtor, Asphalt Paver, (Mini)Harvester, Snowblower, Snowmobile, Wheelchair, Robot...and so forth. 

Yanmar, Terex, Kubota, Bridgestone Rubber Tracks... OEM are CZPT.


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Dimensions width*pitch Hyperlink A B  C D F sample  guiding
230*48KZ  60-eighty four  24  68  24  20 19  BI  B2
three hundred*52.5NKZ  72-98  29  84  24.five  26  20  AF3  B2
three hundred*fifty two.5WKZ  72-ninety eight  40  90  26  24.5  22  BI  B2
400*72.5NKZ  68-ninety two  37  96  25  27  25  AF3  B2
four hundred*72.5WKZ  68-ninety two  46  112   25  23.5  25  BI  B2

Puyi Anti-Vibration Rubber Tracks  for Excavators